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Talib Khadim, the President of the Iraqi Mechanics, Metalworkers and Printers Union (IMM&PU) has been kidnapped by Iraqi Armed Resistance.
“A free trade union movement is fundamental to the operation of a democratic society in any country” Tim Daly the West Australian Branch Secretary of the AWU said today.

“The kidnapping of Mr Khadim while he was conducting legitimate union business is to be condemned” Mr Daly said.
“The reconstruction of Iraq and the development of and movement to a free and democratic society demands the right of workers to free speech and the right to act collectively”.
Acts such as the Kidnap of Mr Khadim will not enhance the well being of the Iraqi people but will further restrict the right of ordinary people to freedom of association.”
“On behalf of the West Australian Branch of the Australian Workers Union I call on those holding Mr Khadim to release him immediately unharmed” Mr Daly said.
“Workers around the world should be appalled that a representative of workers has been beaten and kidnapped”, Mr Daly said.
Contact: Tim Daly Branch Secretary AWU 041 9907036